Heiko Laux & Joel Mull – Centipede EP (Drumcode)

Heiko Laux & Joel Mull – Centipede EP (Drumcode)

Techno stalwarts Heiko Laux & Joel Mull return to Drumcode for their first outing together since 2016.

Friends and collaborators for over a decade, Heiko Laux and Joel Mull continue their fruitful partnership with a searing four-piece work. ‘Centipede’ is a thematic follow-up to ‘Rooter’, their last atmosphere-heavy production that dropped on Laux’s Kanzleramt imprint in 2017. A year earlier they teamed up for the vinyl-only ‘Munch’ EP on Drumcode Limited that explored subterranean techno grooves.

Their latest work was created during an extended stay at Mull’s home in Stockholm while Laux was visiting for a show. The evocative ‘Contour’ brings the EP into focus, as delicate strings set an atmospheric tone. The title track ‘Centipede’ follows, a track tailor-made for deep Sunday afternoon rave explorations as a menacing riff runs throughout. ‘Bullet Ant’ is driven by industrial percussion and brain-bending synth effects that dip in and out throughout the muscular work. ‘Centipede’ (Morph) follows on from its namesake, teasing out some space and introducing melody to the palette for a deep late-night impact.

The EP will be released on 22/04/2019. Click here for pre-sale! Click here to check out the tracks on YouTube and Drumcode.

– ‘Centipede’ premiere on Technocave‘Contour’ premiere on Drumcode FB‘Bullet Ant’ premiere on Resident Advisor