STERAC & Lady Starlight

Sterac, the techno moniker of the legendary Dutch producer Steve Rachmad, and Lady Starlight, an American artist known for her raw and authentic techno performances, have both carved unique paths in the electronic music scene. Now, they are joining forces to create Sterac & Lady Starlight Live, a groundbreaking live act that merges their formidable talents and shared passion for techno.

Sterac, a name synonymous with the deeper side of techno, has been a fundamental figure in defining the sound of European techno since the early ’90s. His productions and DJ sets are revered for their precision, depth, and soulful interpretation of techno. On the other side of the Atlantic, and these days based in Berlin, Lady Starlight has earned a reputation for her uncompromising live performances, using an array of hardware to craft soundscapes that are as dynamic as they are intense. Her collaboration with techno giants, alongside her solo works, showcases a raw energy and dedication to the craft of live electronic music.

Sterac & Lady Starlight Live is not just a performance; it is an ode to the art of live electronic music. Embracing a 100% hardware setup, their act is a fully improvised live jam, promising a unique and unrepeatable experience at every show. This collaboration is a testament to their mutual respect for each other’s craft and their desire to push the boundaries of techno. Together, they aim to create moments of musical alchemy, where the spontaneity of live improvisation meets the pulsating rhythms of techno.

This new act represents a fusion of two distinct musical journeys, brought together by a shared love for the raw power of techno. With Sterac’s deep-rooted understanding of techno’s nuances and Lady Starlight’s fearless approach to live performance, Sterac & Lady Starlight Live is set to be a mesmerizing showcase of techno in its purest form.

Agenda Steve Rachmad
MonthDayEvent + info
April20 Satb2b Dimitri, RLGC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
April26 FriSTERAC, FVTVR, Paris, France
May04 SatSTERAC & Lady Starlight LIVE @ 20 Years AD, E1, London, England
May10 FriSTERAC @ Reclaim Your City, BASEMENT NY, New York, United States
May11 SatSTERAC , Galaxie, Louisville, United States
May17 FriDTE welcomes FURTHER w/ Sterac, DJ Bone & more, F8, San Francisco, United States
June09 SunPanorama Bar, Berghain / Panorama Bar, Berlin, Germany
June22 SatSTERAC & Deniro , C12, Bruxelles, Belgium
July06 SatSTERAC @ Freerotation Audio Visual Festival, Baskerville Hall Hotel, Hereford, Wales
July07 SunDoc Ciroc b2b Sterac Electronics @ Freerotation Audio Visual Festival, Baskerville Hall Hotel, Hereford, Wales
Agenda Lady Starlight
MonthDayEvent + info
April19 FriLIVE @ Expeditions, ://about blank, Berlin, Germany
April30 TueLIVE , Blitz, Munich, Germany
May04 SatSTERAC & Lady Starlight LIVE @ 20 Years AD, E1, London, England
June08 SatLIVE @ Drift Festival x Ravelution Live stage , NYMA-terrein, Nijmegen, Netherlands