GRATITUDE | 20 years AD @ E1 London

GRATITUDE | 20 years AD @ E1 London

Last Saturday we celebrated 20 years AD at E1 in London with some of our finest musical wonders. Words cannot describe how special the night was, you had to be there! The night was loaded with emotions at so many levels; we didn’t only revisit 20 years of history and family matters but also proudly confirmed the bond with the wonderful E1 team in the most difficult times that they have lately been in. It was a turbulent journey to get there: pandemic, inflation, musical trends rollercoaster, war, serious ethical dilemmas and many, many talks about humanity further, we celebrated our 20th birthday with a 2 year delay. We were pampered to the full in every possible way; thank you to the wonderful techno passionate public; we know our sound is demanding; to see how you follow us with dedication means world to us as we keep on doing what we are doing without compromise.

Thank you E1: from the staff at the door and the bar, the stage manager, artist liaison to the bookers, club manager, the owner, light, sound and video, marketing team; you have a special bunch of warm people gathered and you should be proud!

Dear Antonio de Angelis and Pre Silent, thank you for being part of our showcase. Musically and beyond, you completed our musical menu and we are grateful for this.

Dear Eric (DJ Bone), thank you for sharing your unique talent in our anniversary setting; we laughed, we danced, we enjoyed every second of our time with you and the people loved you! Technical maestro! Dear Colleen & Steve (Lady Starlight & Sterac), thank you for starting this new journey with your live collaboration at our night. Without preparation, like a lioness and a lion, you took us on a journey that kept the club steaming through all the knobs and keys under your fingers. Bright future is ahead of you! Dear Anastasiia and Cisco (Nastia & The Advent), you jumped into the unknown without even having each other’s phone number and you slammed it: heritage has fused with now, actual as ever. So much respect and passion came out of those speakers as you wrapped up this big night for us. I look forward to more of your adventures together on the stages world-wide.

On a more personal note, I would like to thank my family and friends for dealing with my stubborn techno passion over the past 25 years. Thanks to my mum, stepdad & my grandparents for supporting my crazy idea of depositing my MA diploma into the unused files and starting an agency to book and manage electronic music artists while having zero experience and contacts. Thank you Steve for putting your career into my hands and joining me on the world adventures for the past 21 years. Thank you all our amazing artists: Alex, Vince, Dimitri, Heiko, Suncica, Mark, Mike, Wouter, Robert, Stefano, Stef, Yotam; most of you arrived many Moons ago and never left. I hand-picked you one by one, based on what I like. No compromises were made and you are all fierce in your own way. Together, we have built a family feel, no-nonsense agency that rests on positive human values and principles as well as pure musical ideology. Each one of you is forever welcome to stay, in whatever phase of your career you are. My love and dedication to you is rock solid. Thank you my colleagues, the past, the current and the ones in the making. I know I ask a lot; thank you for thriving and growing with us into the future; I look forward to the future endeavours with you!

Dear promoters world-wide, thank you for presenting our musical marvels to the generations and generations of electronic music devotees. It is our mission to be the best possible, fair and respectful link between our artists and you. Dear labels, thank you for releasing all the magnificent music of our artists. Dear managers, PR agents, colleague agents and all other professionals who have been playing a key role in bringing us to stand where we stand today: my gratitude is endless! Thank you Holcar travel team for supporting us 24/7 for so many years; you are the unmissable link that saved us in countless situations. You are true wizards of the travel land!

Dear Sandra, thank you for taking care of our Noa as if he was your own. Without you, I would not be able to do what I enormously love.

Last but not least, my dear husband: thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us: the artists, the promoters, the party people and I. You have so much to share and we have so much to learn. Thank you for dancing the days and nights away with me, for following my crazy plans, campings, trips, lack of sleep, maximised experiences that all culminate in finding the right techno beat at the right moment at the right place. With you, everything is even nicer! You are a trooper and my other half. Thank you for Noa, our precious everything, who has grown with four to the floor ever since his conception (and before ;)) and who dances along with us between the living room and the festival dancefloors, with his two madly in love soulmate parents wrapped in a techno meets contemporary art cloak.

I was told many times that I would eventually get fed up with techno, clubs and festivals. Well…I don’t think so! We are going for 40 more at least! For now, see you at our next 20 yrs AD celebration this summer in Berlin where we will take over both floors of the techno institution where we celebrated our 10th and 15th birthday: Tresor, our techno family (more info to follow)!