Kombination Research

It’s been a few years since The Advent (Cisco Ferreira) founded Kombination Research, and a lot of things in the global techno scene have changed since the imprint’s first release. Different styles and subgenres emerged, and whole new crowds and nations are now joining us on the international dance floor.

In that ever-changing landscape, the label and its captain Cisco Ferreira always kept a steady course; releasing high-quality, energetic techno music without being seduced by temporary new trends and fashionable flavours. The label’s catalogue is a clear reflection of this philosophy. All artists show a love for uncompromising, pure techno in their work for KR, whether they’re rookies doing a first EP, or superstars like Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, and Marco Carola.

Now the time has come to hit the road, and spread the Kombination Research vibe even further, during a series of label nights. Not because of a 20-year anniversary, a 100th EP celebration, or Cisco’s love of airport terminals, but simply because KR has a large family of exciting techno artists to share with you.

All nights will feature The Advent plus one of his peers: A.Paul, Axel Karakasis, Cari Lekebusch, Industrialyzer, Jason Fernandes, Joey Beltram, Marco Bailey, Mark Broom, Markantonio, Mike Dearborn, Redhead, Sasha Carassi, STERAC aka Steve Rachmad and Tom Hades.