RELEASE | Lady Starlight – Capricorn Rising EP (Tresor Records)

RELEASE | Lady Starlight – Capricorn Rising EP (Tresor Records)

Lady Starlight will release a 5-track EP on Tresor Records on May 10th 2024.

Capricorn Rising is anchored by the record’s most propulsive, trance-inducing cut, “Mass;” an off-kilter conversation between chattering birds and a breathing sample that makes for an otherworldly melody. “I wanted to create a feeling rather than a sound,” explains Martin of the catalyst for the record.

Martin describes the recording of Capricorn Rising as a cathartic process. “I thought of myself as fearless since I have always rejected societal norms and I’m very comfortable expressing ideas,” she offers. “However, I realised I actually had a lot of fear when expressing anything emotional.”

The EP is the outcome of shaking off that fear. Using her feelings as a guide, Martin creates a space somewhere between euphoria, dissociation, and wonder. “This is where I hope to take the listener,” she says.

This emotional liberation peaks on “Reinforce,” which sidesteps towards extraterrestrial acid and swirling, cosmic pads that reach for a new dimension. Meanwhile, “Chapter 23” is an industrial-dipped roller that creaks with eerie atmospherics before erupting into a meteor shower of kicks. This percussive workout continues on “Prism,” which makes a plea for bodily oblivion.

Martin often closes out her live sets with the EP’s euphoric title track; a seamless, starry-eyed slammer that encapsulates the headiness of the Lady Starlight universe. Oiled and limbered for the dancefloor, these are dynamic, teflon-tough techno tracks that deftly align with Martin’s virtuosic hardware performances.

releases May 10, 2024

All tracks written and produced by Colleen Martin.
Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering.
Published by Copyright Control.
Artwork by onlab.

(P)&(C) 2024 Tresor Records GmbH
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