ANNOUNCEMENT | Mark Broom hybrid live set

ANNOUNCEMENT | Mark Broom hybrid live set

Mark Broom will perform his first live hybrid set at Amsterdam Open Air 2024, where two highly regarded collectives, Vault Sessions and Slapfunk, will come together for a much anticipated collaboration.

We are thrilled to announce that Mark Broom, a titan in the electronic music scene with decades of groundbreaking productions and unforgettable DJ sets, is embarking on an exciting new journey. Mark will be showcasing his unparalleled skills through hybrid live sets at select events, starting this June. This innovative format combines his expert DJing with live elements using the Elektron OctaTrack, creating an immersive and dynamic musical experience.

Mark Broom’s illustrious career as a producer and DJ has been marked by countless anthems and performances that have left an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. Known for his versatility and mastery in techno, disco, house and beyond, Mark has constantly pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in electronic music production and performance.

The debut of this hybrid live show is set to be a highlight at the Vault Sessions & Slapfunk area during Amsterdam Open Air on June 2nd. This performance is not just a set but a milestone, introducing fans and newcomers alike to a unique blend of Mark’s seasoned DJ prowess with the innovative use of the Elektron OctaTrack.

For those who have witnessed the viral videos of Mark masterfully manipulating his OctaTrack machines on socials, this new live set format promises to elevate that experience to new heights, offering an up-close and personal showcase of his skills in a live setting.

We are now accepting booking requests for dates from June onwards. Don’t miss your chance to book Mark Broom for an unforgettable hybrid live set that combines years of production expertise with cutting-edge performance technology.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to be mesmerised by the evolution of a legend.

A teaser below, to get you in the mood…