RELEASE | Heiko Laux – Procrastinator EP

RELEASE | Heiko Laux – Procrastinator EP

Heiko returns to his own imprint with his new single Procrastinator. As the name suggests, it included moving the release date of this project multiple times.

“From the 1st lockdown on I didn’t really feel like putting kick-drums in my music, like someone was suddenly pulling a plug. Well, I found the switch and flicked it back.”


“Great timeless / oldschool sound, as only Heiko knows to do it. ‘Quixote’ for me at first listening. Thanks.” – Angel Molina

“Sooo… Procrastinator 90 ́d. Is the strong winner in this team for me. And ive been road testing the previous version you gave me a while back.
Its just party in the pants with that conga loop!! I do dig the 20 ́d version too. And that mix is freaking hot!! Fickle is a beauty..Anticipating and breathing. Giving new energy. Perfect afterparty track!! All the track are just crawling out of my speaker.. The 3D dimension is just clear as day! Thank you for the Package. What a privilege. Will use and abuse.” – Joel Mull

“Danke Heiko.. Always nice to here some of your sonics again, Your clean & high production value is always on point.. Great journey here.. THANKS.” – The Advent