ANNOUNCEMENT | Stef Mendesidis to join AD Sound

ANNOUNCEMENT | Stef Mendesidis to join AD Sound

As another year comes to an end, we proudly present one more highlight of the 2022 chapter to you. We are an artist richer, a multifaceted techno prodigy: Stef Mendesidis.

Stef has been producing and playing music for over a decade. He spent his first years immersed in the realm of sound by studying the architecture and the engineering behind analog instruments. Stef’s first crucial vinyl release was “Cyborg’ which led to him being featured on “Klockworks” and “Clergy” labels.

His sound is identified as dynamic minimalism with an abundance of complex sound design. The musician’s musical style has definitely left a stigma in the modern culture of electronic dance music. Over the past decade, Stef’s music has been heard on the most notable dance floors of the world. His tracks are almost an integral part of most DJ sets played by other artists. Having enlisted the support and recognition of the most authoritative colleagues, Stef continues to diligently work on his sound and does not deviate from his chosen trajectory of a certain aesthetic and technique. It is worth noting that Stef is one of the most productive producers in the electronic music scene, which is proven once and again in his live performances, the sound of which changes dynamically from one performance to another. Stef’s live sets are very functional and are well known for their duration, as there is a scarce number of artists who could perform live for more than four hours.

A determined, dedicated, talented, technical artist entrusts his performing career into our hands; musically as well as personally, Stef complements our family-feel roster that stands for quality musical production and performances.

We welcome your requests for Stef Mendesidis World bookings (excluding North America). Stef performs LIVE hardware only in extended length.

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