LIVE STREAM | AD invites MÜRK for Techno Club hosting

LIVE STREAM | AD invites MÜRK for Techno Club hosting

This weekend we will host a room at Techno Club again and for this edition we invited MÜRK.

MÜRK is a techno music event, record label & community – based currently in Tallinn, Estonia. MÜRK was founded in 2012 – MÜRK Records (MRKR) was founded in 2015.

Artur Lääts is known for being on the forefront of a reborn techno scene in Tallinn. He is associated with the legendary MÜRK parties that has helped shape the local scene in Tallinn. In 2017, Artur had the honor of being granted his first residency in Berlin — Techno Mittwoch at AVA. As of now, Artur is both a resident DJ and head booker at HALL, where you can find him performing regularly from warm-up sessions to the prime time and often ending HALL club nights on Sundays. With a decade of experience performing in illegal raves, festivals and club scenes mostly across the Baltic States, Finland and Russia, his extensive knowledge allows him to keep a certain mood and groove going on the dance-floor.

Raving from St.Petersburg to Berlin, Domnina has captured the essence of techno in its various forms. Magnetized by the sound itself, she started DJ’ing in 2016 & became also MÜRK resident DJ. From hypnotic to brutal, her sets always carry the understanding of different mindsets in electronic music.

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