RELEASE | Pascual – Redemption EP | Symbolism

RELEASE | Pascual – Redemption EP | Symbolism

Pascual is back with a four track EP on Ben Sims‘ Symbolism.

“The Redemption EP from Alberto Pascual comprises four tracks of taught, powerful and otherworldly techno from the artist who has previously cropped up on Ovum, CLR and Plus 8.

From the whirlwind sonics and unrelenting call and response stabs of opener Redemption to the factory-floor, machine-like aggression of closing cut Senses, Pascual isn’t pulling punches here. Heft doesn’t come at the cost of intricacy on Redemption EP though, with the dizzying hypnotics were treated to in Scope and the subtly shifting soundscapes of Treatment proving that for, Pascual, the devil is in the detail.
Launched in 1999 but with a forced hiatus in the noughties, Symbolism re-emerged in 2015 and has since, via a carefully curated run of releases and the much-desired Ltd series, become a must-check in techno with support from the likes of Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Surgeon and Sims himself.

Pascuals Redemption EP is out on Symbolism in June, followed by monthly releases throughout 2020 from the likes of Rebecca Delle Piane, Linear Search, Hemka, Lathe, Insolate, Deano, The Lady Machine and more.”

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