The Advent – Dorian Blue (Part 2) | Thema Recordings

The Advent – Dorian Blue (Part 2) | Thema Recordings

After the way Dorian Blue Part 1 permeated through dance floors across the globe and shook listeners at their core, The Advent is back on Thema Recordings with an unrivaled return.

“His calescent energy has only grown with time, culminating in three interminable tracks of jacked body mechanics. Whether it’s the hammering slapback of the A side or the signature electro-infused B side, there’s nothing here for a tame dance floor. Seeing as these heaters begged to be thrown around as doubles, a series of locked grooves have been included for those with the skillset to match their collection. With everything resting easily above the 130 mark, the searing pressure of these productions is undeniable. The Advent cements his legacy once again with a record that is not for the faint of heart.” – Thema Recordings

Bandcamp | Juno

Side A:
A1. Dorian Blue Loop
A2. Structures
A3. Structures Loop
A4. Transport Loop 1
A5. Transport Loop 2
A6. QU49 Loop
A7. Sector2 Loop
A8. Traumatized Loop

Side B:
B1. Interactive Loop 1
B2. Interactive Loop 2
B3. Interactive
B4. Digitize
B5. Digitize Loop
B6. Transgender Loop 1
B7. Transgender Loop 2
B8. Transmitted Loop