Yotam Avni

He’s been called the Tel Aviv Boy Wonder and The King of Vocal Samples by his peers. But Yotam Avni makes it a point to always release and perform under the name he was given at birth. That’s not necessarily unique, but it is remarkable for a dj and producer who managed to successfully operate in a broad range of electronic music styles for some time now.

In his dj-sets you’ll hear everything from soulful house to high quality techno, and his back catalogue is no less widely oriented. Probably, few other producers had hits on Innervisions, on Ovum, ánd on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts. And probably few others have produced for or with Joe Claussel, Scuba, Dixon, DoP, and Stereo MC’s, to name a few.

Yotam’s horizon-like interest in different styles comes in handy for the many musical endeavours he undertakes outside of his regular gigs and studio work. This can border on the absurd, like a rap album called ‘Google Translate’ with the DoP gang and Cocoon’s Daniel Bordz. Or it can tend towards highbrow art like the soundtrack he made for the famous Tel Aviv ballet company. Yotam is always up for something new.

Agenda Yotam Avni
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July27 SatOdglosy Festival, Planeta Glamping, Zalesie Górne, Poland