Stef Mendesidis

Stef Mendesidis, a figure synonymous with innovation in the techno music landscape, has solidified his position as a vanguard of the genre, hailing from the vibrant electronic music scenes of Greece. With a career spanning over a decade, Mendesidis has distinguished himself through a unique approach to techno that marries the raw, visceral energy of analog soundscapes with the precision of modern electronic music production. His journey is marked by a profound dedication to the craft, exploring the depths of techno through a lens that is both introspective and expansive.

Mendesidis’s musical ethos is deeply rooted in the analog domain, embracing the warmth and unpredictability of hardware synthesizers and drum machines. This commitment to analog equipment forms the cornerstone of his creative process, allowing him to capture the immediacy and intensity of live performance in his recordings. His tracks are characterised by their dynamic structure, rich textural layers, and an inherent ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through purely instrumental means.


His discography, featuring seminal releases such as “Cyborg” and contributions to prestigious labels like Klockworks and Clergy, showcases a spectrum of techno that ranges from hypnotic and introspective to explosive and unrelenting. Each release is a testament to his skill as a producer and his ability to innovate within the confines of the genre, pushing techno into uncharted territories while maintaining a reverence for its roots.


Beyond the studio, Mendesidis is celebrated for his electrifying live sets, where he brings his tracks to life with a palpable energy that captivates audiences worldwide. His performances are not merely live sets but immersive experiences, where he manipulates sound in real-time, weaving together a tapestry of rhythm and melody that envelops the listener. These live experiences are central to his identity as an artist, showcasing his dual role as both a creator and a curator of techno music.


The ethos of Stef Mendesidis’s work extends beyond the music itself; it reflects a broader vision for techno as a medium for expression and connection. His approach to live performances and production serves as a bridge between the tactile world of analog machines and the digital realm, embodying a dialogue between the past and the future of electronic music. This balance between tradition and innovation is what sets Mendesidis apart, making him a pivotal figure in the evolution of techno.


As Stef Mendesidis continues to forge his path in the techno scene, his contributions are characterized by an unwavering commitment to authenticity, a deep passion for exploration, and a dedication to the communal spirit of electronic music. His journey is a compelling narrative of artistic evolution, reflecting the transformative power of techno music to inspire, challenge, and unite.
Agenda Stef Mendesidis
MonthDayEvent + info
June15 SatLIVE @ Mystic Garden Festival, Sloterpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands
June21 FriLIVE @ Aura, Artheater, Köln, Cologne, Germany
June22 SatLIVE @ 403 Forbidden, Wibar, Leiden, Netherlands
June30 SunLIVE @ VAULT SESSIONS x FUSE 30Y, BRET, Amsterdam, Netherlands
July05 FriLIVE @ CRUDO, Pepper Disco Club, Curridabat, Costa Rica
July06 SatLIVE @ Tales of Groove Anniversary, One carnival place, La Estrella, Colombia
July13 SatLIVE @ Intercell Summer Series, ELSE, Berlin, Germany
July27 SatLIVE @ VAULT x SPECTRUM , Noordwaards, Amsterdam, Netherlands
August03 SatLIVE @ Praerie Festival, Wilde Möhre, Drebkau, Germany
August10 SatLIVE @ Intercell Outdoor: Summer Groove, De Binnenplaats, Amsterdam, Netherlands
August30 FriLIVE @ Underverket Festival, Värmeverket, Sweden
September07 SatLIVE , C12, Bruxelles, Belgium
September13 FriLIVE @ Void Signal, FVTVR, Paris, France
September20 FriLIVE @ BLVKCAT , Kolodruma, Sofia, Bulgaria
October04 FriMozaix w/ Stef Mendesidis LIVE, Publika Bar Klub, Ljubljana, Slovenia
October05 SatLIVE @ Laster , BASSMNT, Madrid, Spain
October26 SatLIVE @ NECHTO x 6AM, TBA Warehouse, Los Angeles, United States
November01 FriLIVE @ FORMAT: TBA, Warehouse Toronto, Toronto, Canada
November02 SatLIVE, BASEMENT, New York, United States