Rob Acid

Introducing the enigmatic sound architect who has been shaping the electronic music landscape since 1992, none other than Rob Acid. With a relentless dedication to his craft, Rob Acid has been a driving force in the realm of live acid techno music, infusing every performance with an electrifying aura that ignites dance floors worldwide.

For over three decades, Rob Acid has remained a steadfast purveyor of pure energy, channeling his artistic vision through the pulsating beats and intricate rhythms of his live sets. A true pioneer of the genre, he is known for his distinctive approach that centers around the hypnotic allure of acid-infused soundscapes.

Robert Babicz · Rob Acid Is Back Mix / 142 Bpm Acid Techno Live SetWhat sets Rob Acid apart is his unwavering commitment to the live experience. Eschewing pre-recorded mixes, he crafts each performance in real-time, allowing the audience to be immersed in the spontaneous fusion of beats, melodies, and that signature “evil bassliness” that has become his sonic trademark. His sets are a journey into the uncharted territories of sonic exploration, a dance with darkness that captivates and exhilarates.

Drawing inspiration from the very core of the underground electronic movement, Rob Acid’s music is a testament to the power of innovation. His compositions possess an uncanny ability to merge the primal energy of the dance floor with intricate layers of complexity, transcending mere entertainment and delving into the realm of auditory artistry.

As a live performer, Rob Acid has proven time and again that his music is more than just a collection of tracks – it’s an immersive experience that taps into the collective consciousness of the crowd. His performances are a communion of artist and audience, a symbiotic relationship where the energy flows in both directions, resulting in an electrifying synergy that lingers long after the last note has faded.

Rob Acid’s legacy is not only rooted in his years of dedication but also in his indomitable spirit to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the realm of live acid techno. With a career spanning generations, he continues to inspire both aspiring and established artists, reminding us all of the raw, unfiltered power that music can wield.

So, prepare to be entranced, as Rob Acid takes you on a sonic odyssey that defies conventions and transforms dance floors into pulsating cauldrons of energy. Welcome to the realm of Rob Acid – where the vibrations of the past merge seamlessly with the innovations of the present, propelling us into a future of sound yet to be discovered.

Agenda Robert Babicz
MonthDayEvent + info
August16 FriLIVE @ Techno Attack, Club Schlaflos, Aarau, Switzerland
September13 FriRob Acid LIVE , Bar la Shop, Montreal, Canada
September14 SatLIVE @ Harvest Festival, Midlothian Castle, Burk's Falls, Canada