DJ Bone’s FURTHER showcase is a collective of 10 artists, who are passionate to present an open and eclectic message of dance music. For these artists, it is more than playing a track – it is producing an underground feeling. As a showcase, the artists are a family – collected by DJ Bone, ready to create moments together, inviting people to experience music where there is no room for pretentious energy, only joy.

FURTHER represents a style that is not always defined, where you can feel the origins of techno, house, and electro, with an international and diverse set of artists. Their sound moves, evolves, embodies a way of playing music that has a groove, a mood, a vibe. FURTHER is never “here”, it is always in front, consistently moving forward, forever – FURTHER is thinking ahead to transform your night.

The FURTHER artists here to share the roots of the underground are DJ Bone with residents Azucy, Jack Fresia, Jantjevandebuurt, Mr Andy, Tanua, Tälor, Toñio Flaco, Veroon and Yeti Mind Tricks. They are all passionate about building something, about spreading and sharing, after being mentored by DJ Bone and experiencing nights alongside the FURTHER guests.

DJ Bone truly believes in these upcoming artists – they are talented and carry FURTHER energy and ethos. You can tell that the FURTHER crew is an effective team – different residents bring their own style and emotion.

FURTHER showcases may also involve a wide array of DJs, Artists and Live Acts that share the same vibe.

FURTHER is a journey. FURTHER is an experience. FURTHER is a vibe.